Friendly Dashboard Views and Alerts

Monitor your travel to multiple tax jurisdictions daily using the calendar dashboard showing travel days in each city and state.
You can also set buffers and notifications to alert you when you’re approaching a residency threshold that could trigger a change in your tax filing.

Comprehensive Travel Logs

Easily review and verify each travel day logged in a jurisdiction, add additional notations or make adjustments based on the circumstances. Accurate travel records, down to the day, at your fingertips.

Security and Privacy

TaxDay uses your mobile device’s GPS to track time you spend in a specific city or state, not the specific locations you visit while there. You can rest assured your data is private and safe.

Additional Features

Sync Your Data Across Devices

Two homes in two different states? We've got you covered. TaxDay is the only app that syncs with your calendars and favorite travel and expense apps - across your devices - to track your residency throughout the year so you can report with confidence. Attach flight itineraries and receipts to travel records as additional proof of your location.

Simplify Tax Preparation

Take the stress out of yearly tax preparation. TaxDay lets you easily generate year end reports that provide your tax preparer with all information needed to file your taxes, including a summary of your travel in each jurisdiction, complete with travel records and receipts to support your residency status filing.

Reliable Audit Protection

The burden of proof just got less burdensome. TaxDay contains the complete set of tax rules for all 50 U.S. states. Defining tax residency, temporary residency, tax domiciles, and tax abodes. Helpful guidelines and referrals to tax professionals can keep you clear of unintended tax consequences come year-end.

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